The dawn of a dream

     Her grandfather, Fred, remained famous in the closed circle of international jewelry. Her father, Jean, also in the jewelry business, left a wonderful legacy to all those who knew him. His daughter Géraldine had to take up the torch. Like many, she started at the bottom, with a management degree and studies at the GIA in California.

     She started in Cannes, at Fred Joaillier, as a saleswoman. She then moved to New York, to Diamond Essence and to London, to Marcus, in the Jewelery and Watches division. Dying to fly on her own, she did an internship with Lorenz Bäumer, Place Vendôme.

     Today, at 26, she is quite proud to sign her creations: Géraldine Samuel Designs. As she is playful, so are her inventions. She does not hesitate to infuse them with a good dose of humour, as in her Peanuts line, in the shape of peanuts or her "snail" rings.

      She also likes rare stones in the sense that they are rarely used in high jewelry such as Tanzanian opal, tiger's eye, chocolate diamonds, chalcedony... Géraldine has the future ahead of her and the fierce desire to to live up to his illustrious parents. She entrusts me with an excerpt from her grandfather's book that she cherishes. He writes in his memoirs: "In anonymity, the man is everywhere crossed by a real light, the one that guides me, every day, and helps me to find the brilliance of the precious stones."Like grandfather, like granddaughter...

Josepha Astor


Her gramps is iconic French jewelry designer Fred Samuel or Fred Joaillier fame, but Geri (first name only!) is making her own mark on the gem world with hearts and kisses. Since debuting her first collection of girly-girl neckalces, rings and bracelets shaped like lips, clouds and hearts earlier this year, Geri has become a darling of the celeb set-Deniser Richards, Gretchen Mol and Sophia Bush are all fans-thanks to her ultra-feminine, not-so-serious take on fine jewelry. The paris native, who has designed for Chanel, Cartier and Breguet, combines colorful precious and semi-precious stones like tiger’s eye, onyx, turquoise and lapis with pavé diamonds, creating pieces that are guaranteed to appeal to O.C.’s most pampered princesses.

Melissa Quinlan, July 2007

bague plume
Geri's pave diamond and 18K gold ring, $9,995

September 2007 


You’ll never want another bouquet of flowers with this Pivoine ring by Geri ($8,900). Part of Romance in the Park Collection, this fabulous floral design will have you swooning with its white gold setting, diamond pavé, and pink mother of pearl accents.


Summer / Fall 2007

November 2007

January 2008

Bague escargo en or jaune sablé avec oeil de tigre et diamants (Geri by Géraldine Samuel)


« Elle décide ensuite de revisiter le luxe d’une manière bien plus moderne en lançant sa propre marque
baptisée « Géri », une  collection  de joaillerie fabriquée  en France, pleine d’élégance, d’humour et de sensualité.

Sa première collection est lancée en France et se décline en quatre lignes, développant chacune plusieurs thèmes,
toujours dans un univers glamour et féminin. Géraldine Samuel imagine et dessine elle-même ses créations. »

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