A legacy of passion

Granddaughter of the jeweler FRED Samuel, representing the 4th generation of a line of jewelers, Géraldine Samuel grew up between Paris and Provence, in the world of high jewelry. Very early on, she developed a passion for creation: “As a child, I drew princess dresses, like all little girls do, but with the jewels that went with them”. Her grandfather advised her, shared the secrets of the trade with her, created the first jewels she designed:
"He trusted my taste and my imagination". And gave her his first watch "A Tigress, by FRED of course!" ».

Today Géraldine perpetuates the family jewelry tradition, an heritage that allows her to display her creations with her own influences by drawing inspiration from tradition to better break out of the mold and reinvent the art of jewelry.


The essence of Géraldine's creations is her imagination, what surrounds her, what she feels, even if it means going against the current of traditional institutions: "I never do jewelry catalogs, I never go to Place Vendôme. I draw inspiration from everything I love, like this mouth pendant I created when I was pregnant with my daughter ”. Thus, Géraldine revisits luxury jewelry by drawing inspiration from sensations, childhood memories, images captured on the fly: landscapes, a cloud, a butterfly, scents of lavender, the color of a peony... Her creativity, sublimated by her great sensitivity, gives birth to creations with an unique design, elegant and glamorous, sometimes daring or full of humor, always evoking the sweetness of life. Another look at jewelry where childhood is never far away: "Everything I do for men or women, I decline for children".

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"Since childhood , I have jewel creation in my skin" admits Géraldine. This is how, after studying business in Paris, determined to make a name for herself in the world of jewelry, she decided to fly to the United States where she obtained her diploma at Carlsbad's GIA. It was the beginning of a career that saw her collaborate with big names in jewelry, Martin Katz, Lorenz Baümer, JEY... Then, with FRED, she created her own "ready-to-wear" jewelry collection in Los Angeles and Miami, "Gery by Géraldine Samuel", which seduced Brooke Shield so much that she became its ambassador.

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“… Geraldine, my cousin, also became a very talented jeweler. For their part, my brother and my cousins, in finance, real estate, natural gas transport or trade, also perpetuate the entrepreneurial spirit and the sense of family inherited from our grandfather. »

"And the 4th generation? When we were children, my cousins ​​and I played in the vault of the rue Royale, which seemed to be a magic chest sheltering fabulous treasures. »

"Monsieur Fred", as his relations, his clients, and his collaborators called him, could really have been a hero on the big screen. But for his wife Thérèse, his sons Henri and Jean, his grandchildren Jérôme, Anthony, Gregory, Géraldine and myself, he was above all a loving husband, an affectionate father and grandfather who had unconditional love for his family. »

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Imagining, drawing, creating, choosing precious stones, pearls… such is Géraldine's playground. A tremendous space of freedom which allows her all the audacity, all the freedoms. Today, it is on her native land, in France, that she has returned to exercise her passion for fine jewelry and is developing a new high-end collection, imagined and designed by her. Expert in gemmology, Géraldine has also chosen the most beautiful pieces of jewelery to make her new collection a collection of exceptional jewelery intended for a demanding clientele.

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